Amira Ghorbel

Senior Account Manager

I can show you how to see a world where others see a wall.

Amira was born in Tunisia, a small country located in North Africa. After completing her Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics to Economics and Computer Science in Paris, she decided to move to the United States seeking new experiences and better opportunities. While She started a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in Newport, CA, she was eager to get to know the American Culture and start a new chapter of her life filled with both excitement and challenges. Moving by herself from the other side of the world, made her a stronger person, more confident in facing any challenges coming in her way, and allowed her to have clear goals.

Amira has always believed in hard work, giving back, and responsible freedom. She never cared about the challenges once she saw the outcome, she understood that a better result required better work ethics, and resilience. However, she could not find the lifestyle that endorses these beliefs, a carrier that allowed her to express her full potential, until she got an interview at a consulting firm in Orange County, CA. In that company she has started in an entry-level position, and little by little she saw an opportunity, the opportunity to grow and reach her goals in business and in life. She found the lifestyle that combines her personal and professional life; she made friends and business partners, where she knew that every person and every encounter was a chance for self-improvement.

Now, as she is committed to learn more about business, she moved to Florida as a leader and a core member of Black Diamond Elite, Inc. where she is starting a learning experience and a business journey. Her goal is to learn as much as possible, to sharpen her skills to become the best version for herself so she can help others become better.

Julia Artemova

One of the things Julia enjoys most in the business world is investing in others and watching individuals grow. In her free time, Julia enjoys reading, creative writing, dancing, and experiencing new things.

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