Kim Calumpit

Senior Account Manager

Build an Army. Leave a Legacy.

Kim was born in Manila, Philippines, then moved to United States at a very young age.  Growing up, Kim has always enjoyed the company of new friends and new challenges, as it always kept him growing and helped him figure out what he wanted to do with his life and career.

He grew up in Lakewood and Bellflower, California. He went to Junior College to further his education on Communication and Public Relations. At the age of 18, he decided to move in with his best friend in Long Beach, California where he learned the value of hard work and persistence. Kim’s most memorable and influential moments happened in Long Beach alongside his best friends who he deemed his chosen family. 

Kim worked in the Retail field as a Sales Representative to a Manager for 8 years at Kay Jewelers. He reached his ceiling in the field and looked for a much greater opportunity; that is where he stumbled a sales and consulting firm in Sunny Southern California and met Julia.

Today, as a Senior Account Manager in Black Diamond Elite, Inc. he intends to sharpen his skills on team building and people development to provide an environment of opportunity and growth for others.

Samuel Kabick

Some of the countries he lived at include but are not limited to Ecuador, Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, Israel and many others.

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